5 Dreamy things a Scorpio loves in home decor

Treating its home like the perfect retreat, a Scorpio loves his intimate and cozy space, where he really likes to be alone from time to time and just sit and relax, cook or find something great to read.

A powerful sign, the Scorpio sign shows his bets attribute also in decorating its home, showing a perfect deco scheme, focusing on bold and daring colors and having an excellent eye for details. This sign will not rest until every details looks exactly like he desires. Candles, scented sticks  and anything that will make a room mysterious and charming won’t miss from this signs dreamy home. Moreover, being a water sign he will love a Zen fountain or anything with water that will bring peace to this complex signs home.

A Scorpio loves textures, artworks and anything that has a great artistic impact and really works wonders in a room. Also, he likes its seductive charm to show in its home, by picking soft textures, flirty colors or making a mysterious vibe in a room. You will always see something red in a Scorpio’s home – it shows power, seduction and confidence, three attributes this sign loves to show off with. Also, because this signs really loves keeping secrets, he will love having a hidden place, where he can keep all its secrete or private objects.

So, here are five dreamy things a Scorpio really loves in home decor:

1. A relaxing space in bold colors

2. Fantastic artwork

3. Something red

4. A well hidden spot

5. A seductive bedroom

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