Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs With These Monthly Maintenance Tips

There’s nothing worse than losing your air conditioning during the hottest week of summer or discovering that your heat pump gave out just when you need heat the most. Maintaining your HVAC unit both on your own and with professional help will lengthen the shelf life of your heating or cooling system. The best part is how well you’ll get to know your AC, which should allow you to pinpoint possible issues.

Clear the Area Near the Outdoor Unit

It’s common to forget about the outdoor air conditioning or heat pump unit unless — or until — something goes wrong. After all, it’s outside and usually tucked away in a convenient corner. Make it a habit to check the unit at least once a month. 

Not only do you need to beware of tree limbs, leaves, and grass blocking any part of the AC, but you also need to check the ground beneath it and ensure that it’s still level. Use your water hose to rinse away debris and dirt. Cut back or pull foliage, weeds, and any other growth that doesn’t belong there.

Move the Furniture

Inside the home, walk around and pinpoint all of the vents. They’re easy to forget about or take for granted. As a result, pieces of furniture frequently end up pushed against air vents. That blocks the cool or warm air from getting out, so the temperature doesn’t change as much as it should, and the unit works overtime. You also waste money trying to control the temperature in a room with a blocked vent.

Keep an Eye on the Air Filters

The air filters affect the quality of your air, as well as the temperature in your home. An air conditioner or heat pump has to work harder with filthy filters, plus it pumps out equally dirty air, which then goes straight into your lungs and the lungs of everyone in your house. For that reason, it’s essential to check your air filters often and replace them regularly. Four times a year is the average. Try to swap them for new filters every quarter.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

Unless you’re an HVAC professional yourself, there are some things you can’t do to care for your heating or cooling unit. You can, however, take the steps necessary to provide quality care. Schedule regular maintenance so that a professional can go over the unit, inspect the vents, and check the filters. Keep in mind that a maintenance schedule reduces the risk of unexpectedly losing your air conditioning at the worst possible time. Also, if you encounter problems with your air conditioner you may need to hire air conditioning repair help.

If you take care of your HVAC system, then it will take care of you for a surprisingly long time. Well-maintained units can work reliably and steadily for years, if not a decade or more. The key is to take care of it on a regular schedule, as doing so doesn’t just care for the unit, but also ensures that you’re more likely to know that something’s about to go wrong before it happens.

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