6 Easy tricks to give a room a vintage feel without making it look outdated

If you love vintage items, but you don’t want your home looking too old you can use some easy tricks to keep your home looking pretty modern. So, here are six rules to follow to blend the retro spirit with the modern one:

1. Pick a statement vintage framed picture

Instead of making a gallery wall, pick one statement picture that will match the style of your home. A vintage picture goes great in an aristocratic space, an elegant or chic one and can make any interior looking really sophisticated.

2. Mix & Match new and old paintings

A lot of old paintings will make a room look really old and outdated, but mixing this kind of paintings with new ones and modern pictures in a gallery wall will make a room looking really cool and modern.

3. Mix & match your table with your chairs

Pick a vintage table with new chairs or some mixed old chairs with a new cool table and you will have a dining space everybody will love. You can go with a neutral color scheme or pick some colorful chairs or a modern table in a daring shade.

4. Pick an old cabinet and add it next to modern deco items

You can always pick a retro cabinet because it really looks cool in a home. But, make sure you match it with some cool modern lamps, paintings and even some chairs or a cool table.

5. Make a vintage-modern reading space

Pick a very popular retro chair like this cool ’70 armchair and add around it modern elements like a chic gallery wall, a cool coffee table and some extravagant deco items. You will love your home nook where you can enjoy reading a good book or your favorite magazine.

6. Create a perfect vintage-modern blend for your office space

If you love old furniture, pick a beautiful old desk and match it with a new cool chair in a bright color. Also mix and match the pictures above your desk using old new ones and on top of the desk pick old items like lamps or sculptures mixed with new cool modern deco objects.

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