5 Easy stylish tips that will keep your home both pretty and functional

No matter how pretty a home is, it also has to be functional and have a certain style that you will fell in love with everyday. So, here are five easy rules to follow when creating a stylish and functional home that’s also pretty dreamy and hard to get bored with:


1. Think about statement deco items and start the decorating your home with them

When you are decorating a room start with the big items and after that add details that match. Pick first your sofa, your dining table, your desk and so on, and after that think about the details to make sure they match the big important pieces, because they will definitely stand out in a room!

2. Keep everything tidy!

If you want your home to be really pretty and functional you have to keep things tidy, at least apparently. You can do this using storing boxes, glasses to hide small items or use a lot of cabinets when decorating any room. Also, if you have a lot of stuff in one place, style them up because instead of being messy, they will seem cute and well organized.

3. Pick functional items

From cabinets to shelves and to all sorts of organizational hacks, everything in your home has to be both pretty and functional. So, think about the items you really want to see and add them in front. Also, think about shelves or boxes for the items that aren’t that pretty and seem to make a of clutter. Also, pick items with a double function that will save you a lot of space and will help you organize your home better.



4. Style every corner

Make sure you have at least one stylish corner in every home of your home. Whether it’s a styled tray with deco items, a shelf, a coffee table, your office or nightstand, style matters and these kinds of arrangements will make a difference in your home.

5. Plan everything!

Think about what deco styles and items you love the most and start a Pinterest board with inspirational interiors. Then, pick a style or go for an eclectic mix and make sure you have everything you wish for, in a way these items match, of course! Think about how certain items would fit in a room and last, but not least, don’t forget about a contrast a room needs to have. After you’re done picking furniture or big deco items, pick different textures or patterns that will give the contract you need in a dreamy interior.

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