Seven Tips for Bringing the Luxury Back to Your Backyard

We often consider our backyard as an extended part of our home. However, does looking over a barren landscape make it an area that you just want to ignore? It doesn’t matter whether you have a small courtyard or a large lawn, your backyard can be a place of happiness and bliss, depending on how you approach it.

So, without further ado, here are my seven tips for bringing the luxury back into your backyard.

1. Bring some warmth into the space:

If you have a large area and you like to welcome guests, you don’t want that to go to waste during the colder months.  Investing in some heating for your entertainment area can be a great idea.  A natural gas wall heater can be a cosy addition to your outdoor space. Made of steel and lightweight, (11.5kg) they can run through an electronic battery and are reasonable to run at $0.68c per hr. (based on 2c per mj) 

A brilliant way  to keep warm and bring the entertaining outside.

2. Plants:

Another way to add colour and vibrancy back into your yard is to introduce plants that are native to your region. It will also attract native fauna, which will create a miniature ecosystem, helping your garden to thrive.  Those such as Kangaroo Paw, Lilly Pilly and Banksia are native and adept to Australian conditions. 

Make sure to maintain your soil and avoid those that are high maintenance, as they can absorb the nutrients of others.

3.  Create zoned spaces:

We all know how the backyard can be one big mass of lawn, where the clothesline seems to be the only feature between the house and the back fence. However, by thinking about how you use your backyard, you can zone it into specific spaces. Are you a keen gardener or do you like cooking? Lifehacker can show you the seven best vegetables for beginners.

Planning out your space can help to create a more cohesive setting and allows you to have a sense of structure.

4. Use some water:

For some, the white noise of running water can create tranquillity and a sense of relaxation, particularly in the gardenWater is a common feature in most gardens, and it doesn’t just have to be for decoration. Ponds can serve a multipurpose function, not only as a statement piece, but also as a way to irrigate your soil, producing better plants overall.  Add fish and you’ll have your own cleaning system.

Stores such as Bunnings can show you how to set up your pond irrigation system.

5. Seating:

If you have a veranda, or a small courtyard, the right seating can create a perfect place for your needs. Whether it’s using lounge couches to mingle with friends or a simple cushioned area for you to do a little bit of meditation. Keep in mind where you place your seating arrangements, so as to avoid prolonged exposure to the elements.

6. Decking:

Yes, it seems that every block big enough has a deck these days. However, decking can be a great way to extend your living space into the outdoors. According to, covered decks are a perfect idea if you are at risk of a large amount of sun or rain and they allow for year round use.

7. Personal touches:

What really makes a backyard feel like part of the home is your own personal touch. You may like a Mediterranean feel, with citrus trees or prefer Japanese with a pergola entrance. The aim is to make it yours.
So, there are my seven tips for luxury in your garden. Enjoy your outdoors!

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