5 Easy tricks to make your bathroom looking like one from a SPA

Everybody loves a day at the SPA so why not make you own bathroom looking like a dreamy relaxation facility. We prepared five easy tricks to follow and transform this small space into a lovely oasis:

1. Every piece has to have its right display

Using glass containers or any kind of glam boxes, even in gold can create a beautiful bathroom display that will look like one from a SPA, especially if you have a marble sink. Also, from the toothbrushes to the soap, give everything its special chic spot.

2. Give the space a personal touch

Don’t think only at bathroom deco items when you’re decorating this space. You can pick any kind of glam boxes for your bathroom utensil and even add a fancy vase with flowers on top of the sink. Moreover, art is permitted also here, so you can frame a cool picture on the wall or pick a chic panting.

3. Add ambient lightning

Bring magic into this dreamy space by adding ambient lightning in certain spots. If in the day time you need a bright light, in the night you can use a more mysteries light and think of your bathroom as a splendid SPA.

4. Use a calm color scheme

Neutrals are a must in this kind of place, so pick white or light brown towels and apply the same rule for your baskets and deco objects. This neutral color scheme will bring a calm vibe into the space and it will help you relax exactly as the SPA facility does.

5. Make a beautiful towel display

Where you are using a shelf or even a creative ladder made out of wood, make a special arrangement for your bathroom towels. Don’t forget to pick neutral ones and make this lovely room more SPA looking. Another cute chic option is to roll them over and add them in a raffia basket.

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