5 Easy tips for a stylish and functional bedroom

At the beginning of the cold season, focus on making your bedroom a functional and stylish oasis that you will enjoy during this time of the year. Pick the perfect bed, make a dreamy display and pick that lovely deco items that reflect your personality, here are five useful tricks for you:

1. Make a beautiful display 

Find a corner in your bedroom where you can create a beautiful display with useful deco objects. The nightstand is perfect for your magazines, beauty products or a reading kit and the dreamy bench is perfect for a lazy scenario filled with pillows, candles and some books.

2. Choose a bed that defines the whole style of the room

Start decorating the bedroom by choosing the bed and work a decor scheme around it. Are you a canopy fan or you like a simple minimalistic bed? See what fits your personality and besides style, never forget about comfort!

3. Add comfort in the room with the right lightning

Add style to the space using a gorgeous lamp on top of the nightstand or a dreamy chandelier on top of your bed. Also, set up an ambient lightning that helps you relax and feel that mysterious vibe each bedroom has.


4. Pick a color scheme that helps you relax

If white helps you relax, then this is the right tone for you. But, if you love happy and lively colors add a warmer touch to the space. It’s important to pick a color scheme that defines you, that you enjoy watching and that gives you that calm feeling you need in a bedroom.

5. Give the room some texture and personality

Sheets and pillow covers are the easiest things to switch over the year, so make sure you have a specific pattern for every season. Also, add textures by mixing blankets in different fabrics and also printed pillows that you can add on top of the bed or on a dreamy bench. Every print you choose reflects your personality and adds style to the space.

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