8 Items from the new IKEA catalogue that will capture your heart

The new IKEA catalogue just came out and we are really excited for the new products we discovered. Functional, eye-catchy and really pretty, we picked out eight items we adore from the new collection, so check them out. Which one is your favorite?

1. The minimal Odger chair

In white or beige and shaped like a bowl, this comfortable Odger chair can fit any kind of kitchen, dining space or study corner and transform it into a very modern one.

2. Hammarn sofa bed

Affordable and easily transformed from a sofa to a bed, this cute Hammarn sofa bed is perfect for a tiny apartment or a space where you have a lot of guests that love to crush overnight.

3. The Functional Koarp armchair

Besides having a dreamy design, this practical Koarp armchair has secret pock in the back where you can store books and magazines and you will love its functionality for your lovely living space.

4. The romantic Pristella tray

As the new Victorian trend is rising, this Pristella tray is just the item you new for a romantic, elegant and sophisticated kitchen.

5.  The elegant Nodebo rug

With a beautiful and gradient emerald color, this elegant Nodebo rug will bring class and a refined vibe into any kind of home, especially when paired with golden elements.

6. The golden hourglass

If you have a dark home filled with luxurious items, this golden Tillsyn hourglass is that golden touch you need in the space to make it even more elegant.

7. The cute Slakt bed frame and storage boxes

If you have a lot of space and not enough storage solutions, the new Slakt bed and the storage boxes are a great idea for you. Also, the minimal design and the rolling system of the boxes make them easy to fit anywhere.

8. The fancy Banckig porcelain

In creative shapes and made in the elegant and dreamy black, the Backig porcelain set is perfect for a modern or minimalistic table setting.

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