Tips on Finding the Perfect Kitchen Countertop

The attention is in the details. You need to think before you buy when it comes to refurbishing your home. One slight mistake, and the whole ambiance and theme of your room can become undone. It doesn’t matter what’s ‘in style;’ what does matter is the style of your kitchen. You wouldn’t pair a marble countertop with baby blue, vintage cabinets, or would you?

Finding the perfect kitchen countertop, however, doesn’t have to be stressful. You just need to know what works, and see your kitchen as a whole. You can mismatch your countertops, but you need to do so appropriately. Here’s how to find the ideal countertop for your kitchen.


Modern kitchens are cool and stylish. They consist of sleek and simple hardware; strong, clean cut horizontal and vertical lines, and a lack of accessories. The modern kitchen is the main event, and so, ‘extras’ are usually not welcome. You need an open layout, bright and light colors (usually black, white or gray), and zero clutter. The signature elements of a modern kitchen are the flat-panel doors, built-in appliances and frameless cabinet structure. Consistency is key when creating a modern kitchen.

Your countertop, therefore, needs to match the rest of your kitchen’s design. Your countertop must be lipless, simple, slim and clean. Think stainless steel, concrete, and solid-surface kitchen counters. Avoid wood, marble, glass and tile. Contrasting black with white is a firm favorite for a modern kitchen.



Contemporary is not to be mistaken for ‘modern.’ Instead, contemporary means an ever-changing design as opposed to modern, which refers to a period of time. Therefore, homes who wish to keep a contemporary ambiance have to change their home’s décor quite frequently – although, there is never one set trend you must imperatively follow. However, contemporary kitchens are sleek and rarely ‘traditional’ in design. Contemporary kitchens in 2017 include minimalist and clutter-free design; flat-panel doors in a matte finish and handle less units; and industrial décor. Sleek and fuss-free textures are, therefore, popular and secure choices. Clean cut glass countertops from CBD Glass Studios, the combination of wood, stone and concrete, and simple and plain matching countertops and cabinets are all popular and contemporary options.


The act of minimalism means having only what you use, and ridding the rest. Those who live in a minimalist home will have the bare minimum when it comes to furniture and personal possessions. They do not feel the need to keep objects they have no use for, and decorate according to function. People may say a minimalist kitchen is like a modern one, however, you can still have traditional accents and still be minimalistic. Usually, countertops will be empty, with appliances built-in or forgotten.

With such an open space, choosing the right countertop is imperative. In some ways, it is the main attraction. Usually, the minimalist color scheme revolves around black and, however, other colors such as blue, purple and gray are also accepted. You need to ensure your color selection and pairing does not make it too loud, though. If you’ve got white cabinets, pair them with black countertops and vice versa. If your minimalist kitchen is more traditional with painted wooden cabinets, pair them with light or dark wooden countertops. Make their they are sleek and not too ‘busy.’

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