10 Dreamy ways to style a sectional sofa

Whether you have a huge living room, a space shaped in a ,,L” form, a room you just want to fill in with something stylish or a lot of friends, a sectional sofa is just the thing for you! Chic, practical and an entertaining item, here are ten styling tips for this dreamy sofa:

1. Minimal mood

If you are looking for a minimal living room, this is the perfect one. Styled in soft and calm colors and with plenty of space for your guests, this room is super dreamy! Pair the sectional sofa with a simple coffee table, a furry rug and an oversized art piece and you will love the result.

2. That Sandi touch

Pair a neutral sectional with a wooden coffee table and some printed pillows and the Scandinavian vibe will instantly capture the style of your home. Add also a neutral printed rug and you will enjoy the Nordic vibe of your dreamy home.

3. Bohemian afternoon

If you’re looking for more color, this idea is great for you. Pick an elegant and colorful sectional sofa and pair it with a dreamy lamp, an ethnic rug and some printed pillows. Don’t forget a neutral cover for a cozy mood.

4. Pink, please!

When you will ask for some glam in your home, this is the kind of couch you will be advised to pick! Pair it with a gorgeous chandelier and a dreamy wooden coffee table and you will adore your living room.

5. Pink & grey

Now let’s spice things up in a Scandi living space, adding a soft touch of pink. And to make the whole space more chic, add a marble coffee table, dreamy pastel flowers, a floor lamp and some artsy framed pictures.

6. White scenario

If you want a really calm vibe into your home pick a comfy white sectional and pair it with a white artwork. Keep the neutral color palette and add a white floor lamp and a neutral rug, such a relaxing vibe!

7. Elegance is the key

If you want some elegance into your living room, pick a dark sectional like this one, in a beautiful blue tone. Velvet is a great material for it and matched with black and white the whole deco scene will get a fancy mood.

8. Color me up

This is the kind of sectional that’s perfect for an eclectic home. So pick a neutral sofa and give it contrast with some colorful pillows. And some cool artwork and pink a patterned rug for a dreamy touch.

9. Artsy vibe

Any neutral sectional can get personalized by simply adding framed pictures around it. Add also some dreamy plants, covers and printed pillows and you will love a relaxing day at home.


10. Natural mood

If you want an original space that is also very natural, decorate a sectional with some earthy pillows, tables and baskets. Add also a statement plant and a dreamy boho mirror.

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