7 Dreamy tips to style a tiny dining space

A tiny dining table can be also stylish and actually it can become really chic and intimate for a couples dinner or for a small friends gathering. So, to help you out make the perfect table setting we picked seven dreamy and tiny dining spaces to tell you how to style them for the perfect small party:

1. French chic mood

In a neutral space with white walls, add o pop of color by choosing a pastel chair or two. Math them with some pastel flowers like tulips or camp flowers in a simple vase and add also matching glam cups on the table.

2. Classy evening

For a small and fancy gathering pick classy black chairs and round them up on a matching table. Behind them add a dreamy gallery wall in neutral colors, maybe even with abstract drawings and also pick a minimal light bulb that will give a cool vibe to the space.

3. The artsy setup

This setup is perfect for a Scandinavian home or an artsy person. Pick colorful classy curtains and add them next to your table. Also, make a contrast between some white Eames chairs and some colorful plants, graphic paintings and printed pillows.

4. The neutral game

This simple and beautiful setup, perfect for a minimal or Scandinavian home, is ideal for a really small space. Having a fold-down table and two classy chairs this space is functional and also pretty romantic if you style it with some green flowers, an elegant lamp and paintings to make the perfect setup for a romantic dinner.

5. The key element

This neutral and artistic gallery wall makes a minimal table set looking fantastic. Pick black as the main shade to make a mysterious and elegant vibe in the space, add flowers in a jar and a light bulb with golden accents. You can also add other golden details such as a plate, a glass or a fork or knife.

6. Romantic mood

Pick two classy chairs for a functional table made out of wood and add a romantic note with red flowers in a minimal vase. Math the flowers with cute paintings and cooking books added on the top shelves of the table. Don’t forget to pick a stylish lamp and beautiful glasses to serve a romantic bottle of wine in two.

7. Creative party

Pick stylish chairs in different colors and add them around a classic wooden table. Instead of a gallery wall, hang creative pictures and set the mood with a fancy candle stick and a gorgeous lamp.

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