10 New Ikea deco items that will be dreamy for a tiny apartment

We know a lot of you live in tiny spaces and want to make the most of them when it comes to home design. So, we picked out ten new and dreamy IKEA items that will fit perfectly a small apartment, making it also more dreamier than ever:

1. The cool room divider

Search for the Veberod model if you are looking for a great room divider you will need to separate your bedroom from your living room. Besides looking cool and being very useful it can also help you store you stuff.

2. The chic bar stool

This gorgeous and versatile bar stool will fit perfectly a tiny kitchen. So look for this Raskog model when you are decorating your dreamy eclectic or minimal kitchen space.

3. The dream sofa

This Ekebol sofa is simply amazing! Besides being so small that is can fit any space, it also has a cool design and innovative design that helps you store items you need in it. So smart and trendy!

4. The tiny office chair

The Vimund IKEA chair is small and chic and comes in three colors: pink, blue and green. Besides being tiny, I love that this chair is white and can fit perfect a neutral or minimal space in white or grey. So, dreamy!

5. Perfect storage solution

If you are looking for a tiny storage suggestion with a great design this is the perfect deco item for you. You can add it on your entryway, living room or even in your kitchen or bedroom as a nightstand and you will see how versatile it can be.

6. Exotic touch

This Jassa room divider will bring an exotic vibe into your living room, bedroom and even bathroom if you choose it. It’s great for dividing spaces and it’s also really dreamy and perfect for summer.

7. Simple and versatile

From a stool to a side table, this cute IKEA item will make your tiny apartment dreamier than ever. Add it next to your bed, as a side table in your living room or even in your balcony as a cute lemonade table.

8. The versatile cabinet

The Ekea cabinet it’s versatile and can fit in any room of your tiny apartments. It’s also practical and can store your small items so add it on your hallways or as a splendid nightstand next to your bed.

9. The perfect side table

This cute side table will fit perfectly a tiny and classy living room. Named Nyboda, this item has a minimal and timeless design that will fit great any decor style.


10. Good night!

Imagine this cute and small Tvars lamp in a tiny bedroom or in a tiny living room. It’s so simple and has such a chic design and a petite size that will fit perfectly any space, especially a small one.

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