5 Tips For Making Your Home More Welcoming

Are your partner’s parents coming to stay for the weekend? Perhaps friends who live far away are coming to stay for a holiday? No matter whether you have guests for a week or a month, you need to ensure that your home is prepared and welcoming. The last thing you want is to present your guests with a dirty house and no space for their clothes and belongings. With that in mind, read on for some top tips to follow:

Clear out some wardrobe space and make them feel welcome

If your guests are staying for more than one or two nights, it is unlikely that they are going to want to live out of a suitcase. Make sure you clear out some wardrobe space so that they have got some room to hang their clothes. To make things even more welcoming, why not leave some fresh flowers in their room? The difference this can make is astounding. They will brighten up the home and add a clean fragrance and by putting them in your guest’s room, it shows that you have thought of them, and it can go a long way to making them feel welcomed on their arrival.

Give them some towels

In addition, no one wants to feel like a pest, and having to ask for towels all of the time can make guests feel a bit uncomfortable. Instead, it is a good idea to have a fresh set of towels on the edge of the bed ready for them. You should also make sure that the bed sheets are clean and that there are extra blankets and pillows should your guests require them.

Invest in electric radiant heaters

You may think your house is the perfect temperature, but your guests may not feel the same. You don’t want them to feel cold and uncomfortable throughout their stay, which is why it is a good idea to invest in electric radiant heaters. This is especially the case if their bedroom is located in part of the home that is hard-to-heat. These heaters are also suitable for outside, making them a good choice for any time of the wear whereby the weather is pleasant but a bit chilly.

Ensure there is plenty of room for everyone to sit

You may not have the required number of chairs in your living room at present, so you will need to bring some in from another room or even borrow some off someone you know. It does not matter that the chairs do not match in with the style of the living area. What is more important is that everyone is comfortable and able to converse with one and other freely. There is nothing worse than someone standing awkwardly or being squished on the edge of the sofa.

Stock up on quality light bulbs

Some people are sensitive to light, and cheap, poor-quality lighting can result in headaches. Also, now is a good time to replace the bulb that blew a few weeks ago! If your guests are arriving in the middle of the evening, make sure the outside area is well lit – again, this will make your home looks welcoming.

So, there you have it, some top tips to make sure your house is prepared and welcoming for your guests. Don’t over fuss, but ensure the place is comforting and think about your guests’ needs. Ask yourself, would I be happy if someone welcomed me into this home? If you can safely answer yes, you know that you have done a good job.

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  1. We welcomed the first visitors to our AirBnB listing: two couples and another adult. Five big suitcases and five carry-ons. The apartment is huge, with lots of wardrobe and drawer space, and we had left some empty corners and empty shelves for visitors’ belongings and bags. But it wasn’t until all those bags arrived that I saw just how important that easily accessible empty space was. Filling a space might look better in photos, but in reality, for travelers/visitors, that empty space will be filled with baggage.

  2. Interesting tips! A clean bed is a must if there are guests staying. I think an electric radiant heater is an optional option because it depends on the location.