Glass splashback for your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We’re in ours constantly — whether it’s cooking, eating, or working at the table because no other flat surface in our home is available, the kitchen has become more than simply a place for cooking.

When you spend that much time in one place, though, you can get a little bored of your surroundings. Everyone wants to decorate the living room, the hallway, an entry way… but never the kitchen! It deserves just as much love and attention. Maybe even more, considering how often we’re in ours.

Linen and furniture updates could be done, but it wasn’t enough. We wanted more out of our kitchen, to be visually interesting as well as functional. After all, with how much we do in it, it would be a shame to stop us from getting just as much done. The idea of a small update blossomed into doing a renovation, and soon, we were choosing tiles and counters.

As we continued designing, all the tile began to look the same to us. Maybe it was design fatigue, or an unconscious preference, but we soon discovered an alternative — coloured glass.

Once we discovered this solution, it was over. We were sold. The glass provided a visually interesting look, adding an unexpected burst of colour in our otherwise subdued kitchen. It also helped that the glass was extremely practical, as it was easy to clean and heat resistant.

A coloured glass upstand was an option, but as we looked at it, it was a bit too subtle. We went for a full coloured glass splashback, and we don’t regret it at all. Much like an accent wall that you would paint in another room in the home, our glass splashbacks provided a new way to break up the traditional look of a kitchen while still being sensible enough in application.
We’re really happy with ours — if you’re considering one, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Honestly you will see every single fingerprint and every mark. Have to clean to clean to clean and clean that you wont see any films.
    You will regret it after using the kitchen in some days.
    Sorry but that is the way things are.

  2. I have been wanting to redo a couple things in my kitchen for quite some time, and now I think I will put adding a splashback to that list. According to the article, a glass splashback is beneficial since it is both heat resistant and easy to clean. I’m constantly spilling things where the wall meets my counter, and it’s a pain to clean off the wall. Having that added benefit to when I have to clean up my messes when cooking would be a well worth it to me.