8 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

The gallery wall is the new cool arrangement for your bedroom and is the best one because you can’t ever get tired of it. And why is that, you ask…well, it’s simple! You can change the pictures as often of the as you wish. So, if you want to plan a vacation make a mood board as a gallery wall or if you are obsessed by a star or theme, make a gallery wall using them as your main subject. Here are seven dreamy ideas:

1. On top of the nighstand

Add a gallery wall on top of the nightstand. Draw an imaginary line and add frames to both sides of it. Pick different sizes and neutral colors that will go with the mood of the room. Pick also pastel furniture and wooden deco items to have a calm and Scandinavian room.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

2. Around your bed

There are never enough frames in a room and this arrangement is perfect for a person who wants a fully decorated room with a stylish twist to it. Pick frames in any sizes and match them up to make them look symmetrical. Also, pick the same color scheme and pair the frames with some souvenirs, for more diversity.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

3. On top of the bed

To obtain symmetry in this arrangement pick frames from one side to the other side of the border of your bed. Pair them and align them as much as you can while matching them with the color of your bed. Pick black and white pictures and neutral frames and you will have a beautiful minimal room.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

4. On the corner

For a glam bedroom you can pick a nine square arrangement with metallic frames. Its super chic and you can add them on the corner of your room next to a cool cabinet, a closet or an armchair.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

5. On top of a cabinet

If you have a minimal cabinet, make it more interesting by adding a gallery wall in top of it. Keep the minimal idea of the room and pick black and white picture that are abstract and artsy.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

6. In front of your office

A gallery wall works wonders to improve your working focus. It will motivate you to work more and better and it will make you more creative. So make sure you pick your favorite and most inspiring pictures for this important gallery wall.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

7. On an empty wall

If you don’t have a lot of furniture in your bedroom, use an empty wall to make a beautiful gallery. Pick neutral pictures to give the illusion of space into your home. Also, a good theme for this kind of arrangement is a family wall filled with picture of your closes relative and friends.

7 Dreamy Gallery wall ideas for your bedroom

8. A Collage Above the Couch

Create an eclectic living room with a curated gallery wall above your couch. Hang prints that simultaneously contrast one another and tie your color scheme together. Combine photorealistic prints with abstract shapes and striking subjects. Browse a variety of eye-catching wall art, and hang an array of pieces that reflect your personal style. For more wall art ideas visit this page.

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