Tips on being safe while renovating

I’ll start of by saying I dislike, hate is such a strong word, renovations. Well, I think most of you do. And by renovations, I mean the process, not the result. If I could come home after two weeks and everything would be all sparkly, shiny & new, it would be perfect, but everybody knows if you don’t do everything yourself and hire a crew, you really need to keep an eye on them. At least here.

I remember a big apartment renovation my family did a while back, a big while back as I was in high school then. We had this ugly, really, really ugly, green velvet carpet left from the previous owners. I don’t know why my parents didn’t take ugly thing down earlier. So, the main reason was my mom’s determination to get rid of that monstrosity. Aww, that and the faulty crown moulds on the ceilings.   The renovation was a total nightmare, it lasted only two weeks and my dad helped the crew to finish earlier.

But I’d never thought about the health issues until I came across a study from  Slater and Gordon mesothelioma lawyers about the risks of renovation. Woa, mind blown! I sincerely didn’t know what mesothelioma is and what causes it…

I rarely share infographics here, but I thought this one is quite important as there can be more people like me.



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  1. This is a great article! My spare time hobby is upcycling old furniture and decor. Thanks for these facts. I love infographics!