Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

The important thing to address first is that vintage does not necessarily mean worn out, broken and unappealing.  Also, we definitely won’t be advising you to revamp your kitchen in orange with Formica worktops in a throwback to the seventies (although if you liked that style then be our guest).  Instead why not make your home magnificent with a modern Victorian design or inject a whole heap of glamour with beautiful art deco features?

The beauty of vintage is that it can allow you to incorporate the trends of past eras and blend them seamlessly with more modern pieces without looking out of place.  Decorating your home in a vintage style doesn’t necessarily mean that every item in your house must be an antique either.  All it takes is the addition of a few well placed vintage items to bring a unique style to your home.   There is a real charm in items that tell a story and have lived many different lives and they definitely provide a great talking point during dinner parties.

Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

Buy a Statement Piece

If you’re feeling adventurous with your redesign and really want to push the boat out then opt for a show-stopping piece of furniture.  This could mean a vintage chesterfield sofa in the living room or a four poster bed in the bedroom.  The great thing about vintage furniture is that it can be tweaked and updated without losing its fascinating charm.  Consider getting the chesterfield reupholstered in luscious jewel-colored velvet to get that instant wow factor or drape the four poster bed in elegant silks.

When you’ve got a statement piece of furniture in a room the rest of the furniture and decorations become secondary but still just as important.  Ensure the colors in the room are complimentary and allow the signature piece to stand out.  Make the most of any original features like cornicing or a bay window and allow these to frame the room.  Use accessories to link the piece to the rest of the room, for instance cushions or pillows in a contrasting fabric will add a modern element.

Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

Keep it Simple Yet Elegant

If you prefer your home to be a calm sanctuary that still exudes vintage charm the art deco style could be the perfect option.  The main feature of art deco was simple monochrome but with beautiful intricate details.  First of all you need to get the base right – white walls and black floors are a great choice for this look because they complement and contrast perfectly and so will anything that’s set against them.  For a living room consider using a white embossed wallpaper featuring an intricate pattern, this will help to add depth to the room.  If you’re not sure about having completely black floors why not try wooden flooring in American black walnut?

Central to creating an art deco style is the furniture and accessories.  For the larger items stick to the monochrome color scheme but make sure they have texture or detailing to provide a bit of interest.  With the accessories, you can really go to town and add that splash of glamour.  Gold and brass fittings compliment this style perfectly so look for metallic framed mirrors or even a brass bar cart; designers like Jonathan Adler are producing some beautiful art deco themed pieces at the moment.

Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

Pick Items You’re Drawn To

There’s no fun in following a trend if it’s not really to your tastes and the same goes for decorating your home.  With vintage pieces the choice can be slightly overwhelming so the best thing to do is buy items that you’re instinctively drawn to.  Introducing sporadic elements into the design gives an element of spontaneity whilst still capturing the specific feeling of vintage charm.   

Keep a look out for pieces which look like they have a rich and wonderful past and ignite your imagination to contemplate times gone by. Vintage lamps, antique candle stick holders and patterned fabrics will help polish the look of the room; try online stores like Weston Table for quirky and unique vintage antiques.  Beautiful vintage paintings are a great way to capture a certain feeling or emotion and can be used to create a focal point within a room.  If a number of paintings catch your eye, then why not place them in various styles of antique frames and group them together in a cluster.


The most important element in decorating your home in a vintage style is to be open-minded and unafraid to take a risk because surprising combinations sometimes offer the best results.

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