6 Entryways that will make you swoon

The entryway represents the first impression you make when discovering a new house. That’s way you need dreamy and functional deco pieces to impress every new guest that will visit you. Here are 6 lovely entryways that will inspire you and some cute shopping suggestions.


6 Entryways that will make you swoon

1. Traditional

This entryway it’s dreamy and also traditional. I love the printed chair that represents the key element of the room and also the shabby mirrors and frames. This decor goes great in a white wooden space at a country side house.

6 Entryways that will make you swoon

2. Black White

This entryway it’s very friendly because it welcomes you with chairs, fresh flowers and cute albums. It’s a great way to welcome your guests and it’s perfect if you have a big house.

6 Entryways that will make you swoon


3. Garden fantasy

This entryway is perfect for a house with a garden. It’s small and chic and all you need is a shabby bench and a big mirror that will give the illusion of space. Also decorate this interior with fresh flowers for a pop of color.

6 Entryways that will make you swoon


4. Say hello!

I love this space because it’s pretty neat and well organized. Pick a minimal table and a lot of storage boxes for your entryway and you will have everything sort out. Also, add a geometrical shaped mirror and cute deco objects.

organized entryway


5. White balance

The geometrical lights are a great deco element for this entryway. They go really well with the simple and white arrangement that gives this room a very spacious look.

6 Entryways that will make you swoon


6. Color me!

I like the sculptured mirror and table that makes this entryway look unique. Also the colorful rug that matches the door gives a touch of personality to the entire space. This decor will make every guest smile, for sure!

6 Entryways that will make you swoon


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