12 Splendid Scandinavian rooms you will dream about

As we are getting closer to the end of 2016, it’s time to think about our favorite deco trends of this year. It certainly was the year of the Scandinavian design, a trends that’s getting more and more popular and more present in many of our lovely homes. So, if you are still planning to decorate your home in this style, here are twelve dreamy ideas for you:

12 Splendid Scandinavian rooms you will dream about

For the living room

For a dreamy Scandinavian bedroom, decorate your walls with a lot of frames featuring black and white artistic photos, posters, logos and other artsy pictures that can set a cool mood in the room. Add also a neutral sofa, green plants and choose creative chairs and cool lamps to decorate this dreamy room.




For the bedroom

Pick a neutral color palette for your sheets, bed, pillows and bed covers. Pick a minimal desk and add above it framed quotes or pictures. Don’t forget to add a cozy rug, some plants, a creative nightstand and an original lamp next to your bed.




For the kitchen

Start decorating your Scandinavian kitchen by picking chairs with a very stylish design. Pick a big wooden table and add on top of it cool lamps. Don’t forget to add pretty flowers in minimalistic vases and also decorate your wall with some black and white pictures.




For the bathroom

Pick white small tiles for the walls and tiles with a creative print for the floor, the contrast will be great! You can also pick marble or concrete as the main material for this room and decorate it with minimalist utilities and deco items.




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