5 Elements of design for a dreamy home



Looking for a dream design for your new or old home? Here are five important pieces of advice for your future space. These basics steps will help you design your dreamy home and make it look like a million bucks.bed design cover

1. The color contrast
When picking the main color for your room, think about its space. If you have a big room and a big home you can pick dark colors such as black, dark grey, purple, navy, etc. Your living space will seem big enough and it will also get a very elegant and mysterious vibe. In the other hand, if you have a small space pick white, beige or light pastel color to give the illusion of a big room. Also, don’t be afraid to combine two colors like purple and silver for a big space and rose quartz and beige for a smaller one.


big space in dark colors

small space neutral colors
2. Give it some texture!
A mix of texture is the perfect thing is you want a very creative home. Don’t be afraid to mix all sort of materials and patterns if you keep the color tone and the room theme. For example if you pick an oriental home you can mix copper, leather with traditional bed covers. Also, you can mix patterns very well when picking your pillows, arranging your bed or your living room – a leather sofa will go great with a furry rug and a modern metallic coffee table. Mix, mix, mix!
design texture mix 1

texture mix in bed 2

3. Shape things up!

Don’t be afraid to mix all sort of shapes. For example a narrow bed and round vases, vintage objects and new minimal deco pieces. A great mix can bring a lot of personality into any home.

shape object deco mic

round square design mix 2
4. Space illusion
Weather you have a small or big apartment, design shouldn’t be a problem for you. For small apartments we recommend using the wall for art so instead of actual objects displayed on the table pick paintings and photo frames. Also, use big mirrors to give the illusion of space, and try to give more than one utility to a piece of furniture. In a big room you can leave a lot of space and pick big furniture. Also, design your room around a specific and beautiful centerpiece like a coffee table or a creative armchair.

small room deco

big room design


5. Line up, please!
To make your space seem very organize display your things very geometrically or also add a wallpaper or a rug with lines. Black and white it’s the best combo that you can choose for stripes, and your room will look fancy and very well put together.

black and white room 1

black and white lines 2

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