6 dreamy deco ideas for one room apartments

If you want a full home experience in just one room, here are some ideas. Find out how you can mix your bedroom, living room and dining room into a stylish spacious room that feels like the perfect dreamy home.

6 Deco ideas for one room apartments

1. Dreamy french apartment
Here is a chic example or a tiny functional one room apartment from Paris. And it’s all about double utility. The closet is also a library, the bed also a couch and the bar chairs also great for your kitchen and also for entertaining your guests in the living room. Also, use a lot of color to give contrast to your home and a lot of light to make the space seem bigger.

6 Deco ideas for one room apartments

2. White and brown apartment
This ingenious apartment in Stockholm has four rooms in one. You can see that next to the sofa is a curtain for the bedroom that hides a small bed. In the living room you have also a dining room and next to it a small and chic kitchen. Also, the wooden furniture combined with white elements is the perfect mix to make this apartment look very spacious.

6 Deco ideas for one room apartments

3. Fancy ideas
This one room apartment has a very romantic and fancy vibe. The glass that separates the bedroom is lovely and the light set in front of it gives the whole living space a mysterious mood. The grey and white elements blend in great with the wooden details and the whole space is very well put together.

6 Deco ideas for one room apartments

4. The curtains detail
White is the perfect pick to make a small space look bigger. Also, to separate you bedroom from your living room choose dreamy white curtains and also a cool bench. To personalize the space, add tiny photo frames in a free wall.6 Deco ideas for one room apartments
5. Bachelor pad
This place is great for a bachelor. So to add a manly touch to a tiny apartment choose the brown-blue and white color combo. Also, add leather furniture, music instruments, a mini bar and vintage inspired deco objects.

6 Deco ideas for one room apartments

6. Cozy mood
Add a lot of light to your small one room apartment. Place a dreamy lamp on top or your bed and also a reading lamp on your nightstand. Next, add a fake wall and cute deco object to separate your bedroom from your living room and dining area. Also, to make the space look bigger pick white walls.

6 Deco ideas for one room apartments

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  1. Great post. I really enjoy this post, great ideas to keep in mind. I’m going to try them out with my house. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Silvia, this idea are so cool. I love the “cozy” one, I believe because i love to spend my free time in my living room with my mrs and watching a nice movie or have a glass of red “rioja” 🙂

    Loved what effect you can achieve with lighting … very interssting!

    Awesome pictures as well!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Adrian at ninjadiy.com

  3. They all look so beautiful! I especially love the idea of putting a glass mirror to divide to bed from the rest of the room!