Christmas Preparations with CNM Online

Christmas requires patience, precision and planning. We all
know it can be a stressful time of year, but you could follow some of these
helpful tricks and tips to help you be more prepared, save mess, and have an
all round easier festive season. CNM Online, the washroom specialist have
provided us with their top tips and tricks when it comes to the festive period
and house preparation.

Christmas is there to be enjoyed, and by using some of these
simple hacks it should make that enjoyment all that bit easier, plus, with most
of the tips only using things we already have in the house, it’s a greener way
to enjoy Christmas too.
Getting your home
ready –
1. Make your very
own Christmas candles. Simply gather and cut some twigs to the same size, then
tie them around your candle using a ribbon. (Ensure your handle is contained in
glass and wood isn’t exposed to flame)
2. Personalise this year’s advent calendar by
making your own. A great idea is to keep old match boxes or make your own small
boxes from old card, paint or cover them, and put small token gifts inside
these. You can really put your own Christmas stamp on these, and they can be
made purely from recyclables!

3. Another option for making your own advent
calendar is using small envelopes and an old photo frame, this looks great and
allows you to be creative with what goes inside. It can also be used the
following year, just with different little gifts inside

4. If you’re having to move furniture around to accommodate
guests, or just need additional space for the big day, place ice cubes where
the furniture has left indentations on the carpet. This should help to reduce
them, as it encourages the nep of the carpet to rise back up. You can then
gently use a fork to spring the carpet up if needed.
5.  Create your very
own gift wrapping station. All you need are some cup hooks and dowel rods.
These can also be great to have in the kitchen to hold foil and clingfilm.
6. Candles can be tricky to light, especially if they’re
housed in glass or have previously been used. If your matches or lighter won’t
reach, try lighting one end of a dry piece of spaghetti, this way you can get
much more reach.
7. When it comes time to store your Christmas decorations,
try using egg boxes. They are a great way to stop any delicate ones from being

8. This is a great one for the day once presents
have been unwrapped, save yourself from opening those annoyingly packaged goods
by using a can opener instead of scissors.

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