My 4 tips for a dreamy bedroom

Having a decor blog is funny sometimes, especially when the first thing a person says when you tell them that you post dreamy interiors is and I quote, ” Oh my god, your house must be amazing”… Which to me is funny because that is not true, I told you this before, not having my own place has this decor freedom downside. The plan is to change that in the near future and I’m already picturing the whole space, looking at so many gorgeous spaces daily takes a toll on you. 
Plus, I have so many friends that are moving and decorating their houses right now and I can feel their thrill. You know what I mean? Sending me pictures with floors samples and color palettes, uhh.. Yeah, I sound a bit crazy.
Anyway, I have three tips for you for achieving a dreamy bedroom, as I’ve been asked that a lot recently. Keep in mind, that this is what I’d do in my bedroom at this particular moment. Maybe in time, that will change. 
Go for a neutral, calming color palette, your bedroom has to be your sanctuary. I would recommend nudes, & grays if not a lot of white. 
Like building a fabulous wardrobe, invest in a couple of power items, a gorgeous deco piece / wall ar or a stunning bed frame. Coming back to white again, I would love my furniture to be white, I like this stone white oak furniture line.
Details, details, details. Cozy sheets, amazing bedspread, lots of pillows, lovely candles and flowers. I’m pretty sure I stressed about these things before but hey, that’s a good thing.
Aww, and another tip, go for good quality flooring, because again like in an outfit, if the shoes are cheap the whole look is ruined. 

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  1. This is wonderful. Thank you for the post. I am looking to redo my master this winter and wanted something elegant and inviting.