9 Dreamy deco ideas for a small balcony

Its summer time and the perfect moment to redecorate your small balcony. We came up with nine distinctive tips that will transform your balcony into your favorite space from your home. Enjoy and relax!

small balcony deco ideas cover
1. Wooden floor and lavender Wood is the perfect material for your balcony floor. It gives the whole space a terrace feel and a very relaxing vibe. Also I love the mix between stripes, neutral and lavender plants. Your whole balcony will have a dreamy perfume.small balcony with wooden floor and lavander

2. The lounge bed
If you want a really cozy space for your dreamy balcony, pick a lounge bed. Decorate it with fun printed pillows and a cute cover. Also, add a lot of cute country inspired deco elements like cactuses, boxes and lamps.

big bed small balcony deco

3. Relax!
If you want to make your small balcony your relaxation corner, add a cute swing and a neutral bench next to it. You will have enough space for a lot of people to fit for a nice friendly chat. Also, decorate your space with lots of green plants.

small balcony swing

4. The perfect fit
This small balcony deco idea can easily show you that you can fit a lot of furniture into a place like this. Choose a small coffee table and some comfy chairs. Also, add a ladder into your balcony it’s a great and useful deco object for this kind of space.

small balcony deco ideas

5. Night lights
I love the green color theme this small balcony has. It gives the whole space a nature vibe and it goes great with the small lights. To make the whole atmosphere look even more romantic add pretty candles and lamps.

balcony lights for a small space

6. Green space
Here is another example that green is a great color for your balcony. Choose chair covers, pillows and other cute deco objects in this shade and pair them with neutral colors. Also, use a chest instead of a bench, it’s more useful for balcony storage!

green and neutrals small balcony deco

7. Office inspiration
This space looks a lot like a home office or library. Also, the whole balcony has a really modern style and I love the big widows that separate him from the exterior. The color of the chair is very bold and it goes great with the funky floor print.

work space look alike small balcony

8. Creative touch
A lot of original elements stand out when looking at this space covered in wood. The wall, bench and table look absolutely great and give the balcony the feel that its placed in the nature or in the wood. Really dreamy!

wooden small balcony deco ideea

9. Cozy mood
This is the perfect space for you and your friends. Add a big bench in your balcony and a round table. Also, decorate your space with magical lights. To give your balcony more personality mix patterns and material when decorating the chairs and benches.

cozy small balcony deco ideea

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