How to declutter your home in 2024

It’s a new year, which is the perfect opportunity to improve your life – starting with your home. If you have entered the new year with a cluttered and chaotic home, now is the perfect opportunity to sort things for good. Instead of shuffling items around your home, falling over clutter, and struggling to feel truly at peace, you can

7 small living room decor ideas

Decorating a small living room poses a unique challenge, requiring a delicate balance between optimizing space and maintaining a stylish ambiance. In the pursuit of solutions, it becomes crucial to highlight the importance of thoughtful decor for those seeking to enhance their compact living spaces. This article aims to delve into 7 small living room decor ideas that can turn

10 new IKEA sofa models for 2024

In 2024, IKEA welcomes us into the world of interior design with an impressive collection of sofas that not only enhance comfort but also redefine the concept of style in our homes. Inspired by the minimalist aesthetics and remarkable functionality of Nordic design, this collection impresses with its simplicity, balance, and elegance. Let’s explore together new IKEA sofa models for

IKEA Catalog 2024

For an impressive 70 years, the IKEA catalog was as a perennial delight for design enthusiasts worldwide. Bursting with a lot of stylish, budget-friendly, and on-trend home accessories and furniture. This iconic catalog was a cornerstone in the world of home decor. In the vast landscape of home interiors, it’s almost a universal truth – everyone possesses at least one

Luxe Amsterdam canal house with a serene vibe

Nestled along one of Amsterdam’s historic canals, discover a meticulously renovated townhouse boasting high ceilings and a contemporary garden. Despite its narrow footprint, this residence cleverly amplifies the sense of space by incorporating double-high ceilings in its living areas. Spanning three floors, the layout unfolds with a basement hosting the kitchen and a bedroom, a ground floor featuring the living

H&M HOME Spring Collection 2024

Let’s embark on a delightful home revamp with the new H&M HOME Spring Collection 2024 – the epitome of a fresh start for your space. ELEGANT TABLEWARE Picture this – a table adorned with the timeless charm of cream colored plates seamlessly paired with matching placemats, creating a delightful tableau for your spring gatherings. It’s not just about setting the

Serene & simple Swedish country home

Step into the serene ambiance of this timeless Swedish country house nestled in Götland since 1939. It’s like a cozy time capsule where you can easily picture yourself huddling around the fireplace to escape the chilly Scandinavian winters. During the thoughtful renovation, every effort was made to honor the original charm of the house, seamlessly integrating modern elements that harmonize