6 Gorgeous fireplace decor ideas for a cozy fall

The fireplace, the star of the cold season, can get dreamier than ever and we have the perfect ideas for it! From a fall themed scenario to an artsy or vintage inspired setup, you must check out these 6 gorgeous fireplace decor ideas that welcome a cozy fall: Photo credit 1. Nature vibes Get in the fall spirit and decorate

Libra Zodiac Sign – How to decorate your home according to the new trends

A pretty, perfectly balanced and organized home is what a Libra dreams off when talking about home decor. A super creative sign, Libra will search for true beauty and the perfect visual image in its own home. Speaking about beauty, Libras love a well styled bookcase or an organized closet with a lot of space. Also, when it comes to

12 Delicious coffee drinks according to your zodiac sign

Do you love coffee as much as I do? Then, you should definitely check out which coffee goes with which sign or just learn a lot about different types of coffee and try all of them! Regardless, it’s all  fun and games, so check out 12 delicious coffee drinks according to your zodiac sign: Photo credit 1. Aries – Cold brew

10 New boho, glam and dreamy elements we love at Urban Outfiters

We love to constantly look for what’s cool right now, but also for creative elements which really define your home. Since, Urban Outfiters has always cool and original elements, we made a top of 10 New boho, glam and dreamy elements we love from this cool brand: Find it here 1. The nature inspired Vine curtain If you have a calm

5 Tiny bathroom ideas that will inspire you this fall

This fall we’re thinking a lot about tiny spaces and  how to take advantage  of every inch you have in your home in a clever way, making it super dreamy. It’s time to organize our bathrooms, so check out 5 tiny bathroom ideas that will inspired you this fall: Photo credit 1. Art deco look This season the art deco style