Why should I get a Lifewit door mat?

I’m pretty sure that at least one time you got frustrated because people who came visit you brought mud into the house in the absence of a door mat. And it’s not only because we spend a lot of money on products to clean the floors, but also the effort of cleaning itself which is time and energy consuming. And all for nothing as it happens again and again. Great news! You can prevent all this by placing a door mat at the entrance of your house. It will not only make the entrance more appealing, but it will also help you maintain your home clean. A door mat has multiple functions and it can be useful to know them before making a purchase. If you still haven’t invested in a high-quality product of this kind, read on and ask yourself: why should I get a Lifewit door mat? The Lifewit Door Mat, traps dirt has a non slip low-profile, it durable & washable and you can use it in multiple spaces.

More about door mats:

Size of the door mat

Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, any exterior door should have a mat. When choosing the best door mat for your house, first take into consideration the size and the materials. But it’s good to know that the size shouldn’t be more than 80% of the width of the door. A bigger door mat can make your door look too small or it can just look out of the place.

So, measure the door, it’s width and length, and check the dimensions of the favorite door mat before purchasing it. Lifewit door mats come in different sizes, so can pick the one you need.

Type of materials in a door mat

It is common to place a door mat at entrances on the exterior because it catches moisture, debris and dirt when someone enters your home. This is why the material plays a huge role. It should be absorbent, resistant and non slippery. Thus it will prevent water and dirt from spilling onto the floor. A recommendation is to change the door mat twice a year. This is not really applicable if you opt for a machine washable door mat. But still, it needs to be changed  yearly. Most door mats are made from hard-wearing coir material or rubber.

Polypropylene fiber or chenille are more durable and a very common substitute. Some choose to place a door mat on the inside entrance too. One can never be too cautious. Make sure you use the same materials as for the ones on the outside as it has the same utility: to prevent the dirt and moisture from ruining the floors.

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There are so many colors available in doormats and it’s just a matter of taste when choosing the right one for your house. You can be trendy and always choose the color of the year, or you can opt for some neutral shades like grey or brown. Also, prints or funny messages can make them more attractive.

It is true that not all materials can be in vivid color or can be imprinted, so make sure you have priorities organized before making a purchase. Lifewit door mats come in a different array of color for every style.

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