Top 10 Anthropologie Home items we to check out right now

Let’s welcome 2022 with lots of creativity, color and unusual shapes. A home with lots of personality and art is all we need in the New Year, so check out Top 10 Anthropologie Home items we to check out right now :

1. Anthropologie Organic covers with ruffles

In 2022 we focus more and more on ecology and we care about the fabrics we invest in. So, choose organic covers and sheets and pick the dreamy models with ruffles, they’re trending this year! Shop them here.

2. The creative storage cabinet

Storage is essential for any home. We want a clutter free home in 2022 so picking retro looking and creative options will be a great idea. Find this creative storage cabinet here.

3. Dreamy wood cutting board

Used for cutting vegetables or styling wine platters, the chic wood boards are the new must-haves for serving when it comes to home parties or planning a dinner for two. Check out these dreamy wooden ones here.

4. The wooden side table

Cool and unusual shapes stand out in 2022 and the calm looking nature inspired materials are top favorited when it comes to the new trends. That’s why this hardwood side table will make your home looking super trendy. Buy it here.

5. The love vase

Prepare for the month of romance and also for spring with these dreamy love vases. Creative vases are a must-have in 2022 and these one are just perfect for an artsy or romantic apartment. Shop them here.

6. The artsy sugar bowl

Artsy objects and, most especially, the handcrafted ones are the new stars of any table setup or our kitchen space. From an artsy sugar bowl to a colorful platter in 2022 get super creative! Purchase this artsy sugar bowl here.

7. The self care book

New year, new self care rituals! At the start of the new year start prioritising yourself and learn a few tricks and ideas from the “Restorative rituals” book. Check it out here.

8. The creative quilt

Besides a place to relax your bed should also be a place full of color and personality that’s why a creative quilt will bring joy and a big smile in your dreamy bedroom space. Find the Gertrude quilt here.

9. The leather mirror

Round mirrors are still the best options for a chic home looking amazing and giving the illusion of space. We love this creative Nayla leather mirror you can purchase here.

10. The chic bookshelf

Start 2022 by getting creative and styling a new bookcase. There’s lots of joy in this piece or furniture bringing together your favorite books, albums and home decor items. So, go and take a look at the Henderson bookshelf right here.


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