Top 5 New IKEA kitchens of fall 2021/2022

Top 5 New IKEA kitchens of 2022

Very organized, practical and trendy, we love IKEA kitchens for their ingenious idea for making cooking easy and you time spent in this space way more functional! So lets see the new trends this brand features, check out Top 5 New IKEA kitchens of 2022. You can also check the new Ikea catalog  2022.

1. Green and gold Ikea kitchen

Green and gold is still the power combo when it comes to a glam and elegant kitchen space. Choose golden handles and match them with one or more golden lamps in an industrial style. Really make this space stand out and personalize it with wall art, a fun kitchen menu and cool jars. Also, match the dreamy forest green with a lot of tiny plants added around the space in golden or nature inspired pots.

2. Neutral Ikea kitchen

If you are a fan of the Scandinavian style, then you should choose a neutral kitchen and make it farmhouse themed! Show off your vegetables and fruits in the most creative ways and decorate open shelves with jars and colorful cooking ingredients and spices. Also, don’t forget to add tiny plants around the space in neutral pots.

3. Nature inspired Ikea kitchen

If you want a classic and versatile kitchen space then choose white for it and make it nature themed with a lot of green plats that are floating from the ceiling or added around the kitchen counter. Also, make this space super functional with a wooden rack and a cool bar cart.

natural ikea kitchen width=

4. Elegant black Ikea kitchen

Black kitchens are back and they look elegant and sophisticated making them perfect for an open space where they can match a classy living room. Make them more classy and relaxing looking with small home trees like an orange tree and with nature inspired kitchen elements.

 New IKEA kitchen

5. Elegant wood Ikea kitchen

Make your kitchen mid century themed and choose dark wood cabinets with retro inspired patterns. Everything will look calm, but also super elegant! Make this space even more relaxing looking with nature inspired cooking elements and deco items made of wood, rattan, marble or stone.

Top 5 New IKEA kitchens



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