7 Stunning ways to use statement mirrors in your home

Mirrors are one of the big starts of 2021 bringing a stylish vibe into your home and also the forever illusion of space. So, add as many mirrors as you can, here are some easy tricks for you. Check out 7 stunning ways to use statement mirrors in your home:

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1. Add it on a vanity

A statement mirror is a must-have for a vanity space where you enjoy adding jewelry or doing your make-up. Choose a stylish round one or an elegant retro inspired one and pair it with roses, candles and beautiful golden elements like a jewelry case.

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2. Place it next to a cabinet

A statement mirror always looks good when added on a cabinet and styled with different deco elements. Pair it with framed pictures that share the same style – retro or modern and also add vases with pampas elements, different candles, statues or lamps.

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3. Let a corner shine and also make the room seem more spacious

If you have empty corners in your living room or bedroom space, just fill them up with a statement mirror that matches the style of the room you add it in. Besides making the room more cohesive it will give this interior the illusion of more space.

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4. Give personality and purpose to a hallway

A statement mirror is always a good idea when it comes to the hallway space. You can choose a long one to see your whole outfit or a round one to make the hallway stylish and see yourself before going out. That’s why besides being super trendy, a statement mirror is also super useful, especially in the hallway.

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5. Make a living room more glam

If you have a glam, Parisian inspired, retro or even a Scandinavian living room, a statement mirror with a vintage twist will make the space even more stylish. Add it in a corner of your living room and add next to it chic vases, candles and design elements.

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6. Shape a modern corner with it

Mirror with undefined, unique or weird shapes are trending right now making any corner of your home even more modern. Match them with modern furniture and deco elements with cool geometrical shapes. You will have a fabulous design corner!

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7. Make a bathroom space more modern 

The new mirrors you should choose for your bathroom space are the round ones. Place one of these mirrors on top of your sink and also add dreamy scented candles and fresh flowers around the area. As for the mirror style you can choose a mirror with a golden, black or woven frame.

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