5 Stylish Ways to add mid century ottomans in your home

We love a practical solution in our home and if this solution it’s also stylish that’s even better! So, any home should have at least one mid century inspired ottoman (I have 4!) to use as extra sitting or as an extra table. Check out 5 stylish ways to add mid century ottomans in your home:

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1. Add them instead of a coffee table

A coffee table is a must-have next to any dreamy sofa and if you have a glam living room a mid century inspired ottoman will look great instead of a coffee table. Also, if you have a tiny living room choose a mid century ottoman and give it more purposes next to the sofa – use it as a coffee table, a side table and a comfy spot to rest your feet on while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

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2. Choose it as a side table

If you love having guests over or if you have decorative trays then you need a lot of side table to add extra stuff on. They will also work their magic in making guests more comfy while coming to visit you and sitting in the sofa area of the living room.

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3. Make a reading corner more comfortable

If you love to read or relax in a special nook in your home then you need to make the sofa area more comfortable. Choose a mid century inspired armchair and match it with a mid century ottoman that can have multiple purposes in this space. Also, choose a tiny side table or shelf and fill it with your favorite book and dreamy deco elements.

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4. Add them next to a vanity

If you have a tiny bedroom space then fill it with tiny furniture to have extra space. Decorate a retro bedroom with a mid century inspired vanity and add next to it a mid century ottoman. It’s super practical – you can sit on it and when you don’t need it you can easily hide it under the table. Also, personalize this dreamy space with colorful paintings, fresh flowers and creative deco objects.

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5. Pick them for have extra sitting in your home

Extra sitting is a must have in any home – you never know when you will have more guests than chairs. So, there are two ways in dealing with this situation – you can choose folding chairs, but if you want a more elegant solution that can also work as a chic table, then, choose mid century inspired ottomans and hide them under tables when you don’t use them, they won’t take too many space.

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