5 Ingenious ways to style your deck this summer

This summer make the most out of your deck and decorate this outdoor space in a dreamy and creative way, using easy tips and tricks. So, check out 5 Ingenious ways to style your deck this summer:

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1. Create a fairy tale inspired scenario

One of my favorite ideas for a deck is getting inspired by the Shakespeare play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and create a fairy tale and magical space in your own home. Decorate the space with lots of green plants, small tress and seasonal flowers added in vases and create magic using a lot of lights added around the space and candles or floating candles placed in vases or added on the table. Then, create a guest list and plan a fairy tale inspired dinner party!

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2. Use all the empty space you have to add or hang plants

Bring all the beauty of nature in your deck space and celebrate greenery. Start by hanging green plants from the ceiling and then add green plants around the space in special jars you can add horizontally on the edge of the balcony or even on the walls. Create a deck garden by decorating a shelf with tiny plants and also make the most out of the floor space with oversized green plants.

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3. Choose printed tiles for this space

Make your deck vacation themed and also waterproof by adding creative tiles. If you love the sea choose blue and white for your tiles and if you want a vintage and bohemian space choose the ones in warm sunny shades and Earthy tones.

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4. Make it super cozy with a rug

If you own a large deck, then, divide the space using rugs. Make a coffee area, a dinner corner or a storage space and divide everything using the prettiest bohemian rugs you can find. Besides looking dreamy, this rugs will make the space looking super cozy and comfortable.

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5. Transform it into the perfect dinner setup

This summer start planning your dinners outdoors and create the perfect space for them on your deck. Choose versatile furniture and change the tablecloth, napkins, decorative items, glasses and plates according to the dinner party them. You can make a beach or nautical theme, one inspired by the lovely cuisine of France, Greece or Italy or a bohemian one you can make even cozier with fun pillows added on chairs and printed covers.

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