10 Outdoor H&M Home items we love right now

Time to focus more on the outdoor space and spend as much time outside as we can. From sunny days, to magic nights in the terrace space, here are 10 outdoor H&M Home items we love right now:

1. The perfect cushion cover

We love neutrals when it comes to an outdoor space that can look calm and relaxing this way. Moreover, in the summer season, neutrals are the ones that attract less the sun, so they won’t feel forever too warm. Shop this linen cushion cover here.


2. A minimal table setup

Make a stylish and minimal table setup with white stoneware plates with cool shapes. Match them nature inspired elements or tropical prints and just enjoy summer! Check them out here.

3. The tasseled cushion covers

Pick fun white pillows with tassels for your outdoor space. Add them on lounge chairs or even on the floor and enjoy a relaxing sunny day outside. Find them here.

4. The striped throw

A throw is always a good idea for an outdoor space, especially a chic one. You can add it on a beach or at a picnic or you can use it as blanket when it gets windy. Purchase this one right here.

5. A chic plant pot

Decorate your terrace of balcony space with a lot of plant pots and the perfect outdoor plants. The terracotta plant pots are always a good idea and the white ones are super chic. Find this one here.

6. Chic sitting area

Stripes always bring a French Riviera vibe in any outdoor space, so choose striped seat cushions for your terrace or balcony chairs. Buy them here.

7. Lemonade season!

It’s lemonade season so start making cool recipes to drink water in a healthy and stylish way. Pair water with cucumbers, oranges or lemons and enjoy this beverage dispenser. Shop it here.

8. The patterned cushion cover

We love bohemian and colorful prints especially in the warm season. So, add colors and personality to your outdoor space with dreamy printed cushion covers. Check this one here.


9. Tasseled cover

We love tassels so much that we want them also in cool outdoor covers. They will make any space look more bohemian. Find the tasseled cover here.

10. Metal candle lantern

Make magic in your balcony or terrace space by adding a lot of candle lanterns. They are super popular this season, especially on black, white, silver or gold. Shop them here.

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