10 Creative IKEA pieces we love in May

New kitchens, bathrooms, chairs or tables, IKEA has always the fun, creative and surprising factor you need for your home. Check out 10 Creative IKEA pieces we love in May:

1. Calm day

This year white kitchens are among the most popular kitchen options you can choose from. A white kitchen it’s also super versatile and truly calm looking so check out this relaxing kitchen space here.

2. The glam part

Gray its always a safe option when it comes to a kitchen space, but to make it more stylish, you should glam it up with golden handles and accents. Find this one right here.

3. The chic bathroom furniture

Pick gray also for your bathroom space and make it super stylish. Pair this gray and black bathroom with black details to make it super elegant and you will love the result. Take a look at it here.

4. The rattan chair

This year rattan if one of the star fabrics so you will definitely want a rattan chair in your chic home. Check out this new VOXLOV one you can find here.

5. Mid century inspiration

Speaking about chairs, let’s go back to a mid century inspiration and a timeless looking and elegant chair, the new EKENASET. Shop it here.

6. The perfect dining table

There is nothing better than a lovely rectangular wooden table when it comes to entertaining guests or creating a dreamy table setting. So, check out the new one IKEA has,  here.

7. The dreamy chair

Another chair new entry is VEDBO a versatile and Scandinavian looking piece that will make any space looking super calm. It comes in a lot of color options, so check it out here.

8. The versatile coffee table

There is always room for a chic and versatile coffee table like this wooden BORGEBY one. It also has great storage space, so buy it here.

9. The cool wire basket

Make any storage solution super fun and pick a black wire basket that will make any kitchen looking more modern. If you like it, purchase it here.

10. Fun containers

Make your office space super creative and joyful with fun containers in matching shades. Pair them with creative pictures and inspirational quotes and you will have a great working day. Buy them here.


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