8 Tips for decorating on a budget: Where to splurge and where to save?

Planning to move on a budget in a new home? Well, then you definitely need some advice on where to invest and where to save money. Check out 8 tips for decorating your home on a budget:

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1. An elegant sofa

Most often the sofa is the main element of the living room becoming that must-have item around everything else revolves and which dictates the style of a room. That’s why is worth inventing in! Choose a velvet one for a glam living space or a comfy and minimal one, in a versatile color, for a Scandinavian living\ room.

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2. Cool chairs

Chairs are always a great piece of design worth inventing in. Check the new trends in chairs, find your favorite models and invest in dreamy and designer chairs for your dining room, kitchen or living space. This season the rattan and wooden chair are stealing the design show!

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3. The perfect table

A great table sets the mood for a great dinner setup or a night in with your best friends. A squared wooden one is ideal, but for a tiny apartment a round and chic one is just perfect. Invest in a quality table and you won’t regret it!

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4. Lamps

A statement lamp can transform a normal room into a fabulous one. So, don’t forget your sources of light and invest in statement pendants, chandeliers and cool lamps for every room in your home. They are a main eye focus when walking into a room.

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Save money

1. Decor elements

Even cheap decor elements can look amazing, especially when mixed with a statement piece or a more expensive design element. Also, choose inexpensive items as decor elements like books, souvenirs and candles as long as they go with the style of the room you add them in. It’s all about styling and finding the perfect home decor mix.

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2. Pillows, Covers & Blankets

The easy method to save money and is to choose basic pillows and refresh them every season with new pillow cushions. Choose a model for the cold season and one for the warm to always make your home look new and cool. As, for covers and blankets they are inexpensive pieces that create contrast and depth in a room and they make an interior looking super cozy.

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3. Plants

Plats are inexpensive pieces that make a home fresh, with purified air and super stylish. You can buy them even in supermarkets or you can ask a friend for baby plants which you can love and grow.

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4. Framed art

A gallery wall gives a great effect in a space, but doesn’t need a lot of money to do it. You can buy images on a high resolution and print them, you can frame pictures, posters you find or even images from magazines. You just have to get creative and math the art with the style and colors of your home.

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