10 Brand new decor items you should purchase in 2021

Shop the new essentials of 2021. From creative pieces, to nature inspired elements or glam items, check out 10 brand new decor items you should purchase in 2021:

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1. The stripe rug

Choose a statement rug that’s look like part of nature and choose a versatile print like stripes for it. We love this neutral one you can check out here.

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2. The golden mirror

Golden and glam details are a must-have for the mirrors of 2021, as well as the round and oval shapes. That’s why we love this golden floor mirrors you can purchase right here.

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3. The woven pendant

Nature inspired pendant are a must-have in the new year, making an interior relaxing and nature inspired. Check this one out right here.

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4. Dreamy cooking utensil

We cook more often now and we search for new dreamy elements that will improve our cooking skill and recipes. That’s why you will love to have in your home a gorgeous marble mortar and pestle. Shop it here.

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5. The creative statue

Get more and more statues in your 2021 home, this trend will become more and more popular. We simply love this creative Hercules Bust. Buy it here.

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6. Dreamy corner

Create your own creative or relaxing corner in your home using dreamy tapestry, nature inspired elements and green plants. Shop this navy one right here.

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7. Set the mood!

Make cozy and romantic dinners for your loved ones and set the mood for your guests with this this amazing metal candelabra. Buy this dreamy piece here.

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8. Make your own candle kit

We love candles so much that we can also enjoy making them and creating them as we wish. So, get your own candle maker kit, find one right here.

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9. A fabulous tray

Impress your guests with a fabulous tray that will shine in your living room or dining room. We love this Jonathan Adler one you can check out here.

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10. Creative watercolor prints

Personalize your dreamy home with creative pieces that will give your home a lot of personality and an unique vibe. We love these watercolor prints with different landmarks. Find them here.

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