5 Reasons why we love statement mirrors

With a quick recap of the home decor items we loved in the past year and still do, statement mirrors can easily be in our personal top. These deco elements gained more and more popularity with different shapes and materials that make a home truly dreamy. So, check out 5 reasons why we love statement mirrors:

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1. They make a space feel bigger

One of the most important reasons we love mirrors is because they give the illusion of a bigger space. So, choose a huge statement mirror with an oval or rectangular angle and a cool frame and add it a corner of a room. You will be amazed of how it will transform the space.

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2. They show style and elegance in a home

The new statement mirrors look like art pieces. They are super trendy and stylish and can really make a statement in a room. They are also super elegant and our favorite ones right now are the round ones with a black or golden frame.

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3. They are a great deco piece to make a room cohesive 

With different shapes and made from a variety of materials,  statement mirrors can make a room look super cohesive. For example, the woven mirrors made from bamboo or raffia can make bohemian room look more authentic and also super stylish.

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4. They go well when mixed together

Mixed mirrors is the new fun way to style a room. You can choose a wood mirror mix, a glam one of the most popular one right now – the woven mix. Choose the same mirror style and, then, mix colors, shapes and sizes and make a creative mirror wall in your home.

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5. They’re practical

Nevertheless, we love mirrors because we can check on our look in any room. There is nothing wrong with looking in a mirror and having one in all the rooms of your home. Moreover, it’s fun for mirrors selfies, everyone loves one!

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