5 Chic H&M Home ideas to organize your dreamy home

We love an organized home and the new season and also new trends suggest a lot of dreamy storage solution for the perfect organized home. The new 2021 is all about nature inspired storage with rattan boxes or raffia baskets, so check out 5 chic H&M Home ideas to organize your dreamy home:

1. Organize and style your bookcase 

Any living room has to have the perfect stylish bookcase where you mix your favorite books with artsy deco elements. Moreover, because the new bookcases have a lot of space, you can also add in different shelves tiny storage solutions. Choose open boxes for the things you need to use often and see better, hide you documents in tall cases and organize all the tiny and not so appealing stuff in nature inspired boxes.

2. Hide big items in woven baskets

Woven baskets are now a trendy storage solution. They can go on the floor of your living room or bedroom filled with extra pillows, blankets or covers or you can add them in different shelves and store tall items that are not so pretty to see and you just want to hide away in a stylish manner.

3. Get practical in your office space

In order for you to work well at home you have to get really organized! So, add all the things you have in a cool metallic basket and leave on the table your laptop or computer and some dreamy items that make you happy – scented candles or flowers. Use also above or under the desk storage where you can add woven boxes filled with the things you own or use for work.

4. Organize small items

When choosing how to organize your stuff, divide your items in two – small or big. For the big ones use chic storage solutions like woven baskets and for the tiny things use gorgeous trays and tiny boxes, anything that makes them visible and not lost.

5. Get organized with supplies in different cabinets

Even hidden areas of your home, like cabinets, have to be well organized. So, use trays, boxes and baskets also for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to arrange your supplies and favorite products.

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