10 Nature Inspired H&M Home items we love in February

We begin February with nature inspired elements and items that makes us already think about the dreamy Spring that’s soon to come. So take a glimpse in the new month and check out 10 nature inspired H&M Home deco items we love in February:

1. The linen tablecloth

This tablecloth looks fresh and chic and is perfect for a farmhouse or cottage inspired kitchen or even a picnic in the nature. Go and check it out here.

2. Nature inspired mirror

We love having a lot of mirrors when it comes to the new home deco rules and for 2021 the nature inspired round mirrors are a must-have. Shop this round mirror with shelf here.

3. Printed cushion cover

February is the transitional month between the cold and the warm season so we might as well welcome spring with pastel colors and floral motifs. Purchase this printed cushion cover here.

4. The romantic duvet set

Speaking of Spring, I absolutely adore this romantic duvet set that brings a nostalgic and darling mood to any bedroom space. Take a look at it right here.

5. The calm looking washcloths

These relaxing looking washcloths are just perfect for a nature or SPA inspired bathroom space. So, for a calm vibe in your bathroom buy these washcloths here.

6. Magic time!

This vase looks like being part of a magic ritual and it will certainly bring a creative note any home needs. If you love it, shop it here.

7. The mini glass vase

Mini glass vases are a must-have piece for your home creating a floral or botanical corner in any home. And since the spring flowers are soon to come, choose as many as you wish and add one flower per vase. Buy it here.

8. The stoneware serving bowl

Nature inspired kitchenware is getting more and more popular making every dinner table like part of the nature. This month we love this gorgeous serving bowl you can check out here.

9. The fancy bathrobe

A house in style needs the perfect comfy and stylish bathrobe. Invest in one made from natural fabrics like organic cotton and rock it in your home. Find this jacquard robe here.

10. The chic coat hanger

In 2021 we still love rattan elements and this vintage looking and nature inspired coat hanger is perfect for any room of your home. Shop it here.


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