5 home decor trends that will be huge in 2021

It’s time for the dreamy forecast of 2021. We start with 5 big trends that will rule the New Year and in which is worth investing in. So, check out 5 dreamy trends that will be huge in 2021:

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1. Bold walls

Being stuck at home for so long makes us want to escape and thinking of fantasies and day dreaming if the easiest way to do that. Bold wall colors will be our escape at home, our fantasy coming true. Forest green walls will make us feel like being in the middle of the forest, while some navy ones will make us think of the sea. Pink walls will help us daydream and purple or red ones will bring magic and mystery into our dreamy home.

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2. Light wood

Light wood looks super calm and relaxing and it will be a big hit in 2021. It also looks amazing when paired with other nature inspired elements like raffia or rattan that are still stealing the spotlight in the home decor world. Also, light wood gives the illusion of space and makes a room really bright.

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3. Back to tradition!

We spent a lot of time of 2020 at home and we will continue doing that for a part of 2021. That’s why going back to super comfy furniture will be the ultimate solution. We’re going back to the comfortable looking and simple furniture of the ’90 that’s easy to style with a lot of comfy and dreamy pillows. So, when investing in a new piece of furniture think of functionality and comfort. Rather than being a museum kind of piece, it needs to be one where you can enjoy relaxing and hanging out.

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4. Modern vs vintage

If you want a home that will stand out and that has lots of personality think about pairing modern elements with vintage pieces or retro looking items. This mix will show lots of creativity and will create an unique space that will define you. It’s a style that is getting more and more popular and really defines these years we are living in and that are soon to come. This style is super fun and also eco friendly – searching for vintage piece and repurposing them is a great benefit for the environment.

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5. The ’80 decor

Hello eighties! These creative years are a continuous source of inspiration for the fashion and home decor world. Bringing outstanding and creative designs and round shapes, these art deco years add color and personality into any home. Glass items, round furniture, stone materials or marble are just some of the big hits of the ’80 that want to come back to your home.

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