10 Affordable home gifts for an unforgettable Christmas

It’s the season to be generous and think of dreamy gifts for your friends and family, don’t leave anyone without one, our gifts suggestions are under 50$. So, check out 10 Affordable home gifts for an unforgettable Christmas:

1. Cosmic orbit mobile – Are your friends and hosts fans of the sky, the cosmic space and the constellations? Then, this dreamy cosmic orbit mobile is the perfect gift for them. Shop it here.

2. “Live beautiful” by Athena Calderone – A coffee table book is an excellent gift idea for home decor lovers. It looks amazing on a coffee table and its also a great source for new ideas, especially this one that features an exquisite design for your home. Shop it here.

3.  Champagne pop candle – It’s time for some festive days, so make the gifting concept super special and festive with this Champagne pop candle. Check it out here.

4. Dreamy advent calendar – This is a gift with gifts that everyone loves, especially if give it before Christmas time. If you love it, check it out here.

5. Lips shaded puzzle – Have fun with your friends and family by solving a puzzle, but not a classic one, if not a fancy one. Purchase it here.

6. Glass clotche – Glass clotches are super popular right now, making your cherish memories shine in one. These ones look just like candies so check them out right here.

7. Glass display jewelry box – This dreamy gift is just perfect for a jewelry lover with lots of tiny possessions. It will make any corner looking super stylish so go and buy it here.

8. Flip waffle maker – If your friends or family love to cook and entertain, then this fun waffle maker is a perfect gift idea for them. Go and check it out here.

9. Stoneware vase: A vase is always a good idea and can go really well accompanied by a dreamy flower bouquet. Find this creative vase here.

10. Versailles memory card game – It’s that time of year when you get to play fun games with friends and family, so try gifting new and exciting ones like this dreamy one. Buy it here.

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