Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – How to decorate your home according to the new trends

You can’t keep a Sagittarius too much indoors, because Sagittarius adores the outdoors and a good adventure. But, when kept indoors make sure the home is free and very similar to a space you can find in the nature. Indoor gardens, wide windows, plants, nature inspired elements, home trees or candles that have a nature inspired scent are just a few elements that can bring the wonderful nature vibe into your home.

Sagittarius loves to travel and needs new activities constantly, that’s why books are  good way to escape, so a bookcase should be part of a Sagittarius dreamy home. As a Sagittarius, you also love making different project or creating stuff, that’s why you need you own private workshop where you can work and get creative freely. Also, this sign is a free and warm spirit who never minds having guests or friends over. That’s why you need an entertaining space for guests in your kitchen or living room, or even in your garden, if you live in a dreamy home.

So check out 3 Popular 2020 Trends for this sign full of energy that loves to explore the world:

1. Green walls

Sagittarius love to be and feel special and what can be a special detail in one’s home, if not a painted wall. And because this season green walls in all their shades are trending and Sags loves nature, I thought this would be the perfect color for a wall in their dreamy home.

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2. Nature inspired deco elements

This sign is very connected to nature. A Sagittarius loves the outdoors and he can’t get enough of staying in the nature. That’s why you should pick as many nature inspired elements as you could, you will love their unique vibe and they will make you feel closer to nature.

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3. Farmhouse inspired kitchen

When we’re talking about the kitchen space, the farmhouse trend (that’s super popular this season) looks as if it was made for you! With wooden details, a lot of green plants and nature inspired elements this look will be just perfect for the kitchen space of your dreams.

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