8 Target Thanksgiving decor ideas for a dreamy holiday

Prepare for Thanksgiving with themed deco elements for your dreamy home. We took a look at Target in search for the perfect elements for a themed Thanksgiving holiday, so check out our 8 ideas for your home and table setup:

1. Give thanks!

Chalk boards are always a good idea and this wall art deco is a fun and perfect deco element for your holiday home. It has a positive saying so if you like it you can purchase it here.

2. Seasonal wooden block chain

Because this season the nature inspired deco elements are a must-have, get back to basics with this dreamy 4 x 1 wooden block that says themed words that will represent a joy to any holiday and home. Shop it here.

3. The dreamy wreath

Decorate your home with some pop of color and choose a gorgeous thanksgiving wreath that will bring a little bit of joy and celebration into your lovely home. Find it here.

4. Turkey bowl

Want something cute for your Thanksgiving table? Then, this turkey bowl will be absolutely perfect for any table setup and the kids will love it. Check it out here.


5. The ”Gather” pillow

Fun pillows are always a good idea and the more you choose the merrier. For Thanksgiving we love the one with words like ”Gather”, a perfect saying for gathering your family. Find this dreamy pillow here.

6. ”Be Joyful” pumpkins

If you love pumpkins also decorate your Thanksgiving home with them. We sure love this colorful pumpkin pair that says ”Be Joyful” so if you also like them, shop them here.

7. Pumpkin garland

Everything gets festive in a home when you’re using themed garlands. That’s why this pumpkin harvest garland is just perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration. Buy it here.

8. Thanksgiving basket

You can choose artificial flowers as long as they look good and this autumn floral arrangement in a basket looks pretty dreamy. You can check it out right here.

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