7 Stylish Bedroom decor ideas for a dreamy and functional space

The bedroom space – the room where we escape aster a busy day, the magic space where dreams come alive and where everything needs to look, dreamy, be functional, but also cozy, because we’re talking about the cold season. So, check out 7 stylish bedroom decor ideas for a dreamy and functional space:

1. Add cozy covers and blankets

Because we are talking about the cold season a dreamy bed cover and also some extra blankets are more than welcomed. Choose one that matches the color palette of your bedroom and pick chic woven baskets to store them, when you don’t use these items.

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2. Decorate your nightstand and choose an original one

Besides you bed, your nightstands are the next most important deco elements of your bedroom, making this space more charming and dreamy. That’s why you can pick an unique coffee table like a chair or even a side table, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nightstand and also you need to decorate it with your day to day essentials and also tiny decor pieces.

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3. Style the corners next to your nightstands

Every corner out of a big or tiny bedroom can become even more dreamy. Statement elements, big framed pictures, plants or pampas elements in vases are trendy elements that can sit on your floor and add personality to your bedroom space.

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4. Use behind the bed storage solutions

This dreamy storage idea is perfect for a tiny bedroom where you don’t have a lot of room for storage or even for nightstands. Make a shelf out of your bed frame or add floating shelves on top of your bed, with dreamy deco elements, plants and your favorite books.

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5. Surround the bed with a rug

If you want a rug for your bedroom you have to choose the right one, especially in lenght. Choose one that surrounds your bed perfectly or just just a tiny one next to your bed, to walk onto when you wake up. If you choose one that doesn’t fit the bed right, the room will look cheap. Also, because we are talking about the cold season choose a cozy and comfy rug where you will love to sit or walk on.

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6. Pick a dreamy bench

Benches are still a dreamy must-have for a bedroom space, especially if you have room next to your bed. There you can store blankets or books, you can sit and try out shoes or just read a book. They are super practical and makes a room look more stylish.

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7. Add mirrors

Mirrors are a glam twist for a bedroom especially if you choose these year’s hits – the round and oval ones. Add them next to your bed or in different corners of the room and see the whole outfit you’re wearing, admire your make-up and also check out how bigger they make a space look.

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