6 Stunning Farmhouse kitchens to get obsessed with this season

This season the farmhouse kitchens are getting more glam and more detail oriented looking like stunning museums where your finest dishes, glasses, mugs and wood kitchen utensils truly shine. Check out 6 stunning Farmhouse kitchens to get obsessed with this season:

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1. Glam look

Mix the two most trendiest styles this season has to offer. Pair farmhouse themed kitchen furniture with glam deco accents and mix and match farmhouse inspired kitchen utensils and storage solutions with stunning art pieces and also dreamy green plants.

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2. A wood theme

If you love neutral spaces than choose a farmhouse kitchen made of wood. Choose a light one that will look super modern and pair it with vintage looking and industrial elements and also some chic marble details.

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3. Wood and stone

I love this farmhouse combo of wood and stone, it has a nature inspired twist to it and also it’s looks rustic like one you could find in a vacation home. Pair this dreamy combo with nature inspired kitchen utensil, copper dishes and gorgeous green plants and also with framed pictured of nature and landscapes.

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4. Modern twist

Get more modern with your farmhouse kitchen and pair wooden elements with black steel. You can also choose a black steel and glass wall for your kitchen space, it will look super stylish and it will also give a good space illusion to this farmhouse themed room.

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5. A little color

You can also go colorful in a farmhouse themed kitchen space. Choose soft shades like pastels or classy shades and pair them with neutrals that are often seen in the farmhouse style. Choose one dreamy shade and make it the star of the room, it will definitely stand out from all the neutrals.

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6. Christmas season

The farmhouse kitchen is a great room to decorate in the Christmas spirit. The Christmas crown, the tiny Xmas trees and the Christmas themed candles are just some of the elements that work great around the farmhouse inspired dishes and farmhouse or glam themed kitchen furniture.

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