6 Cool Scandinavian living room ideas for a relaxing holiday

Painting in neutrals or in the classic and calm white, Scandinavian living rooms are modern, cool and timeless spaces that represent a joy to look at. Decorated in a minimal way and bringing a calm vibe, choosing this style is a safe and stylish option to pick for a new home or a home renovation. So check out 6 cool Scandinavian living room ideas for a relaxing holiday:

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1. It’s a Nordic day

Make a splendid Scandinavian living room that focuses on dreamy Nordic elements. Choose a nature inspired landscape or one that screams ”It’s the cold season” and mix and match it with nature inspired elements, dreamy plants and a classy sofa filled with cozy pillows and blankets.

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2. Cozy day

A classy brown leather sofa is just perfect for a Scandinavian interior. Make it super cozy with pillows and blankets in different textures and with different frills or ethno prints and give a chic and cozy ethno vibe to this space with hanging textiles, oversized home trees and green plants in all sizes.

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3. White accents

White can often describe best a Scandinavian living room that’s super calm and relaxing. As the perfect white pieces for your Scandinavian inspired living room, this season choose a knitted blanket, some cool white ottomans, woven lamps and even a cozy egg chair or a neutral one decorated with white deco elements.

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4. Natural elements

Surround an elegant and calm looking sofa with nature inspired elements. Often used in summer themed interiors, these dreamy elements can look amazing also in an interior for a cold season, paired with a cold color scheme and cozy elements like covers, blankets, cute frills and knitted pillow cushions.

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5. Cafe au lait

A color scheme inspired by the dreamy colors of coffee is a great idea for a Scandinavian inspired living room. Choose also trendy elements to make this space looking super cool and modern – pampas elements, a cool wooden staircase, a woven bench and framed line art will make this space super stylish.

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6. Modern vibes

Make your Scandinavian living room super modern and a statement room of your home with cool round shapes that are trending this season. Choose your favorite neutral shade as the star of this space and pick a round coffee table, pottery and pampas details and round pillows for this amazing Scandi inspired space.

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