8 Dreamy elements that will make a tiny space just perfect to live in

Even if you live in a small apartment you can make that space gorgeous and perfectly dreamy. From small to necessary elements, check out dreamy pieces that fit perfectly in a tiny space. That’s why all you small space owners should check out 8 dreamy elements that will make a tiny space just perfect to live in:

1. The small nightstand

Any bedroom should be decorated as minimal as possible and by saving space with a tiny nightstand you will have more room for a large and fabulous bed that will help you rest properly. So, choose a tiny and adorable floating small nightstand or even a small standing one and decorate it with essential items only.

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2. The tiny rolling cart

A rolling cart is a great space saver because you can roll around all the items you use in a space, not needing a final space for them. It’s also practical and dreamy looking so choose a tiny one with a lot of storage space and roll around the items you need, in style!

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3. Cool Hooks

This dreamy idea is a great space saver! You can add you favorite hooks on a door, wall or even in a dressing or cabinet space and you can also choose glam golden ones. Hang the items on hooks for extra storage and also to see them better!

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4. Floating deco elements

Floating elements are a great deco idea for a tiny space. From floating shelves, to plants or different deco items, this cute idea doesn’t take up any space, floating in the room wherever you like.

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5. A small mid century inspired sofa

Any tiny apartments needs a great and versatile sofa and a mid century one will definitely do the trick. You can find one with two or three seats and its timeless look can match any kind of apartment style.

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6. A cute side table

A side table never takes that make space and its a pretty and tiny thing to have next to your sofa or armchair. So, choose a trendy one and use it for your living room or for your reading corner.

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7. A fabulous bed frame

The most important thing to have in your bedroom space should be the bed and having a fabulous bed frame will instantly make a room just dreamy! So, no matter the space or the bed you choose, pick a fabulous, glam or cool bed frame.

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8. Upper storage for a tiny desk

Make a home desk even in a small home and use upper storage for the things you need for work, books, things that motivate you or make you more creative. Upper storage saves a lot of room and helps you have more themed corners in your home.

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