7 Organization lessons I’ve learned from The Home Edit Netflix show

With tons of outgoing projects, organizing products, a book and even a Netflix TV show, The Home Edit is the pure dream when it comes to organizing your home in a practical and dreamy way. So, I’ve watched ”Get Organized with The Home Edit” the new home deco & organizing show you must check out on Netflix. In each episode they rearrange two spaces – one from a celebrity and one from a fan that really needs their help. The results are fabulous and the tips are priceless! So check out 7 Organization lessons I’ve learned from The Home Edit:


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1. Sort things out and then get containers

Before getting into organizing a room, sort of your things and let go of things you don’t like or use. Unnecessary elements really have to go, if you don’t use them now, you won’t use them later! Sort your small items using baskets or boxes and make a ”give away” or ”trash” basket. After you’re done with sorting things, you can measure your space and get the perfect containers that will fit that particular space.


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2. If you tend to get messy choose transparent boxes to organize

We usually don’t use certain things because we don’t see them properly. And, then, we end up hiding them in boxes and making a mess and getting mad just looking for them. So, if you tend to get messy or have a lot of small things you usually tend to miss place or loose try organizing your home with transparent boxes, that also have transparent dividers. Organize and divide and you will see everything better!

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3. Label everything

Labels are a great organizing trick of finding the items you’re looking for. Use them to label a category in one box (even if it’s transparent) and use them also for different ingredients in your kitchen or for labeling every box of shoe you own to find better anything in a fast way.

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4. Add a pop of color in your home by making a rainbow color scheme for your books or bookcase items

A rainbow color scheme for books? Yeah please! I love this cute idea I saw in the Home Edit, it brings joy and happiness into a space. Also, I love that they make a small and colorful book corner in a neutral space to add a focus point and also a little bit of joy and color in any kind of room!

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5. Organize your closet space with hangers, hooks and boxes

Create a well organized closet space where you can see your clothes but also your accessories. Use hangers for bags and hang as many clothes as possible to see them better! Also, use the upper space to store boxes with memories or accessories that have a sentimental value and that you don’t want to give up.

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6. Sort your jewelry and organize them properly

The jewelry corner often tends to get messy and impossible to use. Because small jewelry and most especially necklaces get tangled really often you need to find a boxes that will divide small jewelry really good. This way you’re really going to use and enjoy them!

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7. Make a memory box

From important documents to bills and things that have a sentimental value for your, you need to have special and labeled boxes to divide them better and not miss place them with unnecessary items. So, use cute boxes for memories and place them in cabinets, in your bedroom or in you office space.

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