5 Bistro inspired dining spaces that will give the “Emily in Paris” twist to your home

I hope you are all as obsessed as I am with the new Netflix TV series ”Emily in Paris”, that shows the glamorous vibe Paris has. And besides all the fabulous outfits you may have noticed a lot of chic coffee spots, bistros and restaurants. That’s why, in a french chic note, we bring you 5 Bistro inspired dining spaces that will give the “Emily in Paris” twist to your home:

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1. Romantic day

Any kitchen space can become a chic bistro spot with some dreamy bistro chairs and a fabulous chandelier. Choose Thonet inspired bistro chairs and pair them with a round table and a romantic table setup with white candles in vintage candlesticks or even wine bottles with candles and some gorgeous seasonal flowers.

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2. Fun dinner

Most of the bistros and coffee shops in Paris have dreamy Riviera chairs in red or green. They look so chic with a small round coffee table and they become more fabulous and vintage themed with round mirrors, chic lamps and a gorgeous wallpaper. Pair them also with a small rattan sofa and make a cozy nook in your home to have dinner or coffee with friends.

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3. Chic evening

Let’s not forget some velvet chairs or some dreamy rattan ones that can make any dinner corner look perfect and also Parisian themed, especially when paired with a chic pink wall or a grey one. Choose for this dreamy space a marble and gold round table, your favorite flowers, some wall art and surround everything with vintage pieces like a gorgeous bar cart or a retro lamp.

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4. The tiny space

You can make your own home Parisian cafe even in a tiny space. Work your home decor magic around a round marble coffee table (usually search the garden/outdoor sections for them) and match it with one or two bistro chairs and extra chic stools. As a statement piece choose a fabulous vintage or modern chandelier and place this lovely corner next to a window. You will definitely feel like in a chic restaurant like this.

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5. Elegant twist

Mix and match velvet with wooden bistro chairs. You will get a Parisian chic dining space with a very elegant look. Paired with a gorgeous chandelier and a bistro themed wooden table you will have a private an intimate space where you can sit and tell stories while having coffee in your own home.

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