10 Items we love from H&M Home’s Romantic fall collection

This fall we can ”fall in love” with new and dreamy decor pieces with a romantic vibe. The fall nostalgia gives us a romantic feeling we also wish to show in our lovely homes. From floral prints, to art and elegant shapes make your home truly romantic this season. Get inspired by checking out 10 Items we love from H&M Home’s Romantic fall collection:

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1. Linen cushion cover

These romantic and feminine pillows are a fun deco element for your armchairs and sofa. They bring a classy and vintage touch to any living room or bedroom you add them in.

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2. Porcelain bowl

The romantic and vintage inspired bird prints paired with floral elements can transform a table setup into an elegant one. So, learn new recipes and make a special dinner for your family and friends.

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3. Ceramic sculpture

This beautiful sculpture with a romantic twist can make any home corner even prettier, being super versatile and trendy. For a classy vibe pair it with long white candles, fancy candlesticks and gorgeous vases.

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4. Clear glass box

These beautiful storage boxes are a delight for your jewellery and small deco elements and can be just perfect for your living room, added on a coffee table, a side table or in a bedroom’s vanity.

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5. Patterned cushion cover

The floral and botanical elements are super trendy this season and they’re also just perfect for a romantic fall. So, choose a romantic patterned pillow cushion and make a cozy reading nook around it.

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6. Artsy poster

A dreamy artsy poster can make your home artistic and romantic instantly. Choose a nostalgic piece with flowers and coffee and just enjoy its gorgeous look on a gallery wall.

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7. Glass dome

A glass dome will bring a fairy tale and romantic vibe in your home and besides being a beautiful piece its also practical! You can fill it with flowers, candles, tiny sculptures and even magic lights.

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8. Washed linen table cloth

This dark linen table cloth will bring a dramatic touch into your home and will look just amazing with golden and floral elements. Enjoy your romantic dinner!

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9. Patterned table cloth

A floral table cloth will bring charm into your dreamy kitchen or dining area and also a vintage twist that’s super romantic. For a more retro look pair it with vintage bistro chairs.

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10. Scented candle glass jar

How dreamy and glam are these candle jars! Moreover, they bring a cozy and romantic vibe into any home so make sure you get at least one and find your favorite scent for this autumn!

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